How Lean Six Sigma Helps Your Business

Lean is an initiative that strengthens quality and productivity efforts

  • Improve performance by flawless execution
  • Create positive and deep cultural change (Teamwork)
  • Achieve rapid breakthrough improvement
  • Passion + Execution = Fast and Long-lasting Results

Lean Six Sigma Principles


  • Define Value
  • Map the Value Stream
  • Create Flow
  • Establish Pull
  • Pursue Perfection

6S – Sigma Strategy

Gain Insight to current operational processes

  • How good is it? (Baseline)
  • How good could it be? (Entitlement)
  • What is limiting it (The Process) from getting better?
  • How can it be improved? (Closing the Gap)
  • How much of the gap do we want to close during this project? (Goal)
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Six Sigma is the process of quickly closing the gap between process baseline and entitlement

Achieving excellence through process characterization, optimization and control